I’m Genki, just beginning to learn Web Developing last month at CICCC (Cornerstone International Community College of Canada). I’m going to post articles about my journey to becoming a junior web developer.

I was born in Fukuoka. It’s located on the west side island of Japan. I spent most of my school days making and playing music. After graduating high school, I moved to Tokyo to be as musician. After 5 years of silence, I had a chance to be famous and at same time, some music producers managed us. It caused a big change to myself and music. Unfortunately, I felt them uncomfortable, and I realized I couldn’t earn money by music here. After spending a few months, I decided to be far away from Tokyo in 2019.

But I wasn’t thinking of becoming a Web Developer at that time, just that I was going to Vancouver to study English and hope to play music with someone. But due to COVID-19, all my plans were broken. I’ve changed my mind and I felt like challenging something new, which brings me here.

I’m not exactly sure what my goal is for now, but I’d like to become a developer who can work with anyone, anywhere and anytime.
More learning can show me my way to becoming a developer.

Developing seems so complicated but it’s definitely working if I code them right. This part is my favorite. To be able to use the language freely will not be an easy path, but I’ll hang in there.